Anonymous asked:
    How long have you known Ceallach for? You seem like you've known each other since you were kids! aha

    Almost 2 years haha

    Anonymous asked:
    I have a friend that claims to be your girlfriend,Her name is megan by the way.

    well, whoever she is, she’s a liar.

    Anonymous asked:
    Is this actually you Richard?


    Anonymous asked:
    Do you have a girlfriend?


    Anonymous asked:
    What's dan pearson's tumblr?

    chloetomboywisker asked:
    are you straight? XD xxx


    gracespillane1209 asked:
    loving friday download its amazing and can u follow me xxx

    :’) followed.

    paynedbypaynis asked:
    hi, i really love u. can u please follow? x<3

    followed :)

    cfcisinmyblood asked:
    You are amazing, please follow me :) x


    chloetomboywisker asked:
    Hey, I love you Richyy with all my heart <3 xxxxx so my question is what is your most favourite thing about your career and working with all the other friday download presenters?? XXX (I think friday download is EPIC.!!! best show ever) Love Chlo xoxox

    Ooh, there’s so many things i love about my career, just couldn’t pick a favourite tbh! Working with the presenters is great:)